It's definitely a very close family we all have, and I think it's cool that I came up with them in a very organic way. You know, having their cosign is really flattering and I'm blessed to be a part of their family. We're all really collaborative and we make decisions all together. Diplo curates so many other artists and producers that I have a plethora of people to pick from to work with at all times, which is amazing! But at the same time, I get to do this after proving myself and putting out a lot of material and it's never easy. You still have to do the work all the time, it's a great connection though.

– LIZ about the label[1]

Mad Decent logo
Mad Decent is an American record label founded by Diplo in 2005. LIZ is currently signed to the label.


  1. NOISEY - Crushing on LIZ: Here's Her Video for "All Them Boys"